"Bro2 diet" health plan

This is the protocol Dr. Jogi would like you to follow

  1. 1-3 cups of broccoli, twice per day - Please prepare the broccoli however you wish (steamed, raw, cooked) but it should not be blended or pureed. Eat a large bowl (2-3 cups) in the morning and 2-3 cups in the evening to start. Treat this as if it were a lifelong prescription medication so do not miss doses. Alternative options: cauliflower, brussel sprouts. For patients with kidney stones- broccoli is low in oxalate content and should be safe. If not tolerated well, then gradually increase dosing by starting with 1 cup twice a day but work up to 2-3 cups twice per day or more as tolerated. Gas and bloating are common and should resolve within 30-45 days. Vomiting is not normal, in which case you need to see a gastroenterologist.

  2. Probiotic, home-made - 30-60 days after you started the broccoli, prepare home made yogurt (watch a youtube video). Do not purchase from a store and do not purchase capsule/pill probiotics. Eat a small cup of the yogurt daily for a week then OK to stop the yogurt but consider this one-week treatment every 6-12 months. If you ever are given antibiotics, do this a week after the antibiotics are completed.

  3. Monitoring - If you have a diabetes of any type- you should notice within a few days that your blood sugars are lower post-meal, especially within 3 hours of eating the insoluble fiber. If you are on medications that can cause hypoglycemia (glipizide, glyburide, glimepiride, nateglinide, or insulin) they please monitor for this and you will need to reduce those medication doses - discuss with your doctor. Diabetes or not, if you have continuous glucose monitor (Dexcom, Libre) you should be able to see a reduction in sugar levels. You can request your doctor send a Libre to your pharmacy to monitor effects.

Notes: please take a food inventory of how much insoluble fiber you are already eating. Our goal is 20-30 grams total insoluble fiber per day.


  1. Processed foods (any food with a nutrition label) are not healthy and should be avoided as they are high in substances that damage the gastric microbiome and cause insulin resistance. See book Metabolical.

  2. Insoluble fiber is essential for human health and is missing from most foods consumed today. Most peoples are not eating "real foods" (grass-fed meats cooked at home, free range non-caged eggs, fresh vegetables, fruits) in enough amounts. Insoluble and soluble fiber combine to form a intestinal matrix "gut atmosphere" that reduces carbohydrate absorption and feeds the good bacteria of your intestinal microbiome. The recommended dose of fiber (most of which should be insoluble fiber is 30 grams per day) but higher is better. Nearly all Americans eat less than 15 grams per day and most of it is soluble (not helpful) fiber. Take note regarding the Hadza indigenous hunter-gatherer tribe takes in about 100 grams per day and have sensational microbiomes.

  3. Probiotics are best if made yourself. Home made yogurt. Probiotics should not be taken daily. If that is needed, then the atmosphere in your gut needs to be corrected to allow for the proper bacteria to grow. Would you expect to send humans daily to colonize Mars without a Martian atmosphere?

  4. "Fiber" labeled per a nutrition label is NOT insoluble fiber and is a stripped down version of soluble fiber with little to no benefits

  5. Avoid "organic" foods as that is a common place for food fraud.

  6. The more ingredients in a food, the higher the chance of adulteration and processing that damages your body by creating metabolic syndrome.